News about Innovation in the Built Environment

Construction and Technology

March 21, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
AGC Georgia
1940 The Exchange I Suite 100 I Atlanta
GA 30339

Does new technology mean leaner workforce crews? Will new technology help get materials to the jobsite more quickly? This course focuses on today’s technology which every contractor, supervisor and project manager should know. It will cover how technology is going to modernize the construction industry, and how you can prepare for the forthcoming changes. The instructor will include discussions regarding startups in our industry and how Uber of construction will deliver materials in two hours or less.

Some of the Technology discussed in this course includes:

• BIM: Tracking, quantifying, interpreting and applying Massive Data Flow in and around buildings.
• Cloud/Mobility: Utilizing cloud computing to store and manage all the data mentioned above.
• Robotics: Disruption and automation of supply chain and warehouse management through robotics.
• Industrial IOT: Sensors and tech-enabled devices to track everything that happens in a built environment.
• Machine Learning/AI: Data science for the massive amounts of data provided with the built environment to better predict behaviors and outcomes.
• Blockchain: Financial security and track ability of cryptocurrency to finance buildings or projects.

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